Front-end development

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Every web solution needs to be done according to standard, so that users could get full experience of a product.

I achieve that by well planed layout and clean code.

My workflow includes Git, SASS and npm for faster development.

WordPress development

WordPress themes, PHP

When creating a website, the future need of updating content is logical. And WordPress is a great tool for this need.

I develop WP themes based on front-end templates and adding extended functionality with WP Plugins.

Understanding Web Design

Contrast, Color Theory, Composition, Responsive Design, Interactive design

Though I'm not a visual designer, I know and understand design techniques and theory, that helps grasp visual idea and esthetics to make it alive in a browser.

I use Adobe Photoshop for working with design.


Front-end development

Responsive Layout Bootstrap jQuery CSS3 animations HTML5

Web Design

Responsive design Interactive design


Custom Theme development Extend functionality

Development tools

Git SASS npm